BGMI fans can now watch webtoons that are based on the game


Krafton Inc, creator of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on Wednesday announced the release of three webtunes based on the Battle Royale game BGMI. The company has partnered with a digital storytelling platform called Replica to create these webtunes. Read more – BGMI maker Krafton bans over 40,000 accounts for fraud: see details

According to a statement from Crafton, the webtunes that will go live include Night of Silence, Retreats and the first six episodes of 100, each featured in different genres: thriller, fantasy and action, respectively. The new webtunes will be based on the world of BGMI and will feature different stories. Krafton claims that this new experience will give BGMI fans an immersive experience beyond the game. To cater to a wider audience, Webtunes will be published in multiple Indian languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Marathi. Users will be able to access this local content in the Copy Comics app. Also Read – Upcoming Android, iOS Games You’ll Forget BGMI, Call of Duty Mobile, New Kingdom

Krafton’s webtone is already popular in countries such as Taiwan, the United States and France. Crafton & Copy’s goal is to offer replica content to 30 million monthly readers in a variety of regional languages. Read more – PUBG Mobile maker Krafton blocks more than 66,000 accounts for fraud

Shawn Hunil Sohan, CEO, Crafton Inc. India said, “At Crafton, our main goal is to give our fans an exciting and exclusive gaming experience through our character, storytelling and various in-game practices. We have a highly dedicated fan base that takes a keen interest in following the worlds we create. Our association with replica is an extension of our vision of providing a stimulating experience for fans. We’re delighted to be partnering with Copywriter and look forward to delivering interesting content to these readers that enables them to stay connected to our universe. “

Ranjit Pratap Singh, the founder, copywriter, says, “The first thing that fascinated me about WebTune was the writer’s ability to create huge new universes that a reader could miss. We are delighted to offer BGMI IP-Based Universe. Exclusively on content and enables Indian gamers to explore the knowledge and history of the BGMI Universe. Webtone is a creative way of telling stories and gaining widespread interest but localizing content for Indian audiences, we are happy to offer content in this vast universe to regional language viewers. ”

Episodes of BGMI Webtone
A story called Night of Silence, a mystery thriller that revolves around Lair’s story who suspects that the sudden death of his father is the result of bad intentions and digs deep into the mystery.

The second webtun, named 100, is a survival-action webtun that begins with a National Intelligence Service agent trying to find a missing lawmaker participating in a survival game on an abandoned island with only a one percent chance of survival.

The third webtone is The Retreats – The Prince and the Popper is a fantasy webtune about a retreat resident who loses his identity and how he overcomes various struggles to fight and regain what he lost along the way.

Krafton Inc. Released eight local videos, including Ground Zero, in partnership with Transcript, a live-action short film; Unknown Mystery, an investigative “docu-series” that offers conversations with insiders and experts to explore the story behind the battlefield; And offers video gamers knowledge of the islands of Eranjel and Miramar. In addition to the video content, the replica hosts comic series and short stories, including the Sanhok Saga and The Ghosts of Miramar.

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